Book Reviews

Wicked Beautiful (Wicked Games #1) by

 Wow, I was drawn deep into this book and didn’t want it to end. I wanted to see how much Victoria would make him pay ;) . However, I knew it wouldn’t be too bad as she was still very much in love with him. A lot of the pain they suffered was due to others intervening (like always).
The author does a great job of building up the suspense and then doing a shock and all on your brain! You’re like what? I didn’t see that coming.
Both Parker and Victoria react to the loss of one another in much the same way; they close their hearts off and become serial daters. What other way do you hide hurt, sadness and loneliness?
My only problem with this book and it’s not really a problem, is the ending. We had this big build up but then it just kind of fizzles out. :/
Overall, it is worth the read so grab it and enjoy!
***I was given this book for an honest review. This plays no part in how I felt about this story or how I rated it.***


A ruthless businesswoman and the playboy who dumped her long ago find themselves embroiled in a high stakes game of love, lies and revenge.

Life coach and best-selling author Victoria Price has it all: a successful career, fabulous friends, a fantastic penthouse in Manhattan. What she doesn’t have—and doesn’t want—is a husband. Fifteen years ago her high school flame broke her heart so badly she swore she’d never love again. Now she makes millions teaching other women how to be just like her: a ruthless bitch.

Drop-dead sexy restaurateur and infamous playboy Parker Maxwell has only three rules for the women he dates: no questions about his past, no expectations for the future, and no spending the night. When he meets Victoria, however, he’s willing to break his own rules if it means sating the explosive desire she arouses in him. What he doesn’t know is that the alluring Victoria Price used to be the mousy Isabel Diaz, the girl he deflowered and dumped long ago.

Presented with a perfect opportunity for revenge, Victoria decides the game is on. But when her connection with Parker proves more than just skin deep, she has to make a choice: continue with her plan for payback, or risk her career, her reputation, and her heart by taking a second chance on love?

Balls: Ball Games Book One by Andie M. Long


I really like this book it was funny and fast pace. All the British slang was especially funny and made the story even better. Camille uses her time away for her bully to discover who she is and how beautiful she truly is. After a chance meeting with her high school bully, she finds that he too has changed and ready for a fresh start.
However, he fears her rejection and tries to be just friends with her. From this point on the fun times start and a world of surprises opens for the both of them.
From jumping on balls and taking dogs on a walk. This is a fun and crazy ride. :)


Camille Turner has returned to her home town of Rotherham to open her new business, a childrens play centre. She said she left to pursue her education but in reality she was driven away by the antics of fellow pupil Dylan Ball, whose parting shot, a photo of Camille in tight shorts, earned her the nickname Camille Toe.
After swearing revenge as she left the school gates behind her, Camille is reunited with a now older and apologetic Dylan who wants to be friends. She’d tell him to go to Hell but he does genuinely seem sorry. Plus he’s also matured into one sexy male. It’s so unfair.
But does Dylan really want to be friends or is it all an act to embarrass her once again?

Includes a Yorkshire/British glossary to teach you some rude slang ;)

Paige's Warriors (Bondmates #3) by Ann Mayburn 


I really enjoyed this book and I’m so happy Tren found his bondmate as well as Rell. Also, Paige is a darling girl who deserves to be loved and cherished. Ann Mayburn does a fantastic job of carrying this series forward. We get to see a little of all the characters from the other two books as well as a few new ones. We also understand why Tren and Rell are so closed off and why it was so important for them to find their soul mate. Moreover, we learn way Paige acts the way she does and why she shies away from men and large groups of people. However, even though we learn all these things about this group of people, we don’t get a lot of none sexual interaction between the tree. I would have loved to see more commentary between all three. I’m not saying this hurts the story (because it doesn’t) but it would make it even better.
Any who, in this book we learn not only did the Kadothians make it through the wormhole but also slavers; wanting some human sexual healing to spread around the Bel’Tan galaxy. Paige, Rell, and Tren are all in danger and have to find a way to bond before something horrible happens. This keeps the story a little fast pace but nothing I couldn’t keep up with.
I really enjoy this world and all the people in it. It seems plausible on many levels. I can’t wait to see when a female bondmate is chosen and she has a female girlfriend or lover. How will this work? Hmmm! I get excited thinking of all the possible twist and turns this series could take. Roxy story is up next and I can’t wait to see what wild ride we will go on.
5 star read for me.


After a lifetime of war, Commander Trenzent has left behind the bloody battlefields of the Bel'Tan galaxy and traveled to Earth in the hopes of finding his bondmate. He can only pray that the one woman in the universe who can save his battered soul can look past his scarred exterior to the man within. Unfortunately for Tren, his potential bride is terrified of men thanks to years of abuse at the hands of her father and won't be easy to seduce.

Paige Grant is pretty sure she's losing her mind obsessing about a man who doesn't exist. Ever since the night a wormhole opened up next to Jupiter she's had these intense dreams about a terrifying, damaged man who awakens a passion inside of her she never knew existed. Despite his grim exterior, he makes her feel safe, something she desperately needs in the real world as she fights off the advances of a man who will not take no for an answer.

But Trenzent isn't the only Kadothian warrior who believes Paige is his bondmate. An old political enemy and one time bloodbrother of Tren's, Rell Thantos, also believes the sweet and shy young Earth woman holds the missing part of his soul. He will do whatever it takes to win her heart, even if it means being bonded with a man who hates him.

The men will have to find a way to get past their anger and work together to protect Paige against an unknown enemy who is determined to keep the women of Earth out of the Bel'Tan Galaxy forever.

Warning- This story is set in the Bel'Tan galaxy where polyamorous relationships are the norm and love in all of its forms is accepted including M/M, M/M/F, M/M/M/F sexual situations hot enough to melt your panties.


This is War, Baby (War & Peace Book 1) by K Webster



 This book was everything I hoped it would be. I'm at a lost for words to tell you how good it is. IT IS dark and has TRIGGERS.
The horror Baylee went through and the strength it took for her to survive is something remarkable. She is only 17 when she has to face the monsters of the world. The things she live through many adult would fold under the pressure but not her. She keeps her caring ways and love for life. She may have to live in the dark but it doesn't stop her for reaching for the light.
K Webster does a fantastic job of creating a world of betrayal, hope and longing for something better.
Love this book!



 My life had a plan. Until he invaded it and stole it all away. My captor took me and I became a pawn.
His strategy changed and he sent me away to WAR, because money is everything in this world.

In my WAR, though, I found peace.

I couldn’t help but find love where I least expected it, with a man who lived a battle every day of his life
…all inside his head.

But then my captor came back for me.
Yet, this time, battle lines had been drawn and I was protected.

So we thought.
Even though my WAR was raging,
my captor would fight to the death.

The good guys always win, right?
Not always.

All’s fair in love and WAR, right?
Not this time.

This is War, Baby is a dark romance. A really dark one. So dark you’re going to wish you had a flashlight to see yourself to the end and someone to hold your hand. Human trafficking, dubious consent, and strong sexual themes that could trigger emotional distress are found in this story. This story is NOT for everyone.