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~Review~ Karma by KT Fisher

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Book: Karma
Series: Kings Of Rebellion #1
Author: KT Fisher
Release Date: 14th June
Genre: Dark Erotic
Cover Designer: Louisa M Creations
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 We first met Lauren in Rockstar’s Temptation, where she wasn’t the best sister to Maisy and tried to come between her and the man she loved.

Lauren doesn’t know why she is such a bitch, but she is. There is no use denying it or hiding it. She believes in being who you are and fuck those who don’t like it. That also results in her not having many friends, if any, and not much family left. Even her boyfriend doesn’t want her anymore – well, he actually caught her in bed with his two friends and kicked her out. Her ex is pissed, and she soon realises the hard way that she never should have betrayed him. Yet, pretty-boy Andrew isn’t as innocent as she thought. In fact, it turns out he’s connected to one of the biggest gangs in America.

Lauren is beaten and abused in every way possible. Her human rights are stripped, and she is treated like an animal. Blindfolded and gagged, Lauren has no idea what is going to become of her, or if she will ever get out of the mess she has found herself in.

Karma has finally caught up with Lauren Ashford, but is this the end, or can someone out there help her? Are there men strong enough, or even brave enough, to face up to her captors?
When the toughest drug lords from Philadelphia come crashing into her kidnappers’ motorcycle club's cabin, they find a beautiful girl chained up to a wall and made to live like a dog on the hard floor. She’s not the only one, though: beside Lauren, there are two other girls. Even these hard criminals can see that this isn’t right. In their world, women are treated with respect.

From here, Lauren is given the greatest gift. To go home. Once back in the UK, Lauren is under the protection of the UK Kings of Rebellion crew and is shocked to find that even though they are dangerous, they treat her so much better. One of these men is Brandon, the oldest son and next in line to take over the family business. Is this the man that Lauren needs? Or do her old habits of being a “do now, think later” kind of bitch, come back to bite her in the ass?

One thing is for certain, the president of the motorcycle club, who took her, wants her back...

My Review

This book is If you have triggers DO NOT READ this book
Karma is a Great book! The plot is well paced and put together. The author does a great job of telling Lauren’s story. If you are familiar with K.T, than you see Lauren and her Bitchness full scope. However, if this is your first book by this author, you will still understand and see Lauren for how she is/ was. I don’t think not reading the others left me out in the dark. I felt I was connected.
This is Lauren’s journey to what I say is redemption. As many who have read the other books know how ugly and nasty Lauren is just because she could be. Karma is the thing Lauren blames for why she is put in this situation. She doesn’t blame others per se. She knows who and what has gotten her there. She just feels this is her punishment. However, during her ordeal she learns how to tame her mouth. This doesn’t mean she still doesn’t turn into her old self at times. But she knows when and when not to. Ultimate we see that even though a person is mean and bitchie on the outside, she can still be good on the inside.

Grim AKA Brandon is Smutty Hot, Lickible, and all things sexy! He is well balance and he understands how to deal with his feeling; how to work through his stress and how to approach a person. He was very believable in the aspect of how to deal with a person (Lauren) who has been through extreme abuse. He took his time to allow her to come to terms with her situation and the things she saw and dealt with on a daily bases. He was what she needed when she needed it.

Demon and Striker, I must say are two of the evilest people I have read about those far. Demon is charismatic, charming, and seems the lesser of two evils. In the story you are drawn to him and want to please him; whereas, with Strike you want to run and hide from him. He lets everything shine through. He hides nothing and he wants you to feel, taste and see his evil ways. Nothing is too far for him. Nothing is sacred.

The only off putting thing about this book was the recover process Lauren went through. It felt unbelievable at how fast it seem to happen. Lauren to me didn’t seem like a person who went through a horrid situation and is just on the other side of it. I understand different people deal with abuse in different ways. It just didn’t feel right to me. Other than that this book has no other issues to me.
I give this book 4.5 stars.

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Demon throws the door open, shoving me inside and locking it behind us. He slowly strolls into the middle of the room, his large frame is very intimidating and no, I can’t ignore the fact that he is sexy but that doesn’t change who he is. “You’re lucky that it was me who found you.”
I look around the room, happy to see that there’s not as many guns on the desk than last time. “How so?” I ask.

I see the annoyance flash on his face. “Because if it was any of those other men out there, you would be naked, hung up and being raped repeatedly right now.”
My eyes widen from the shock of his words and he nods. “And you’re better?” I dare to ask.

A devilish grin appears across his face. “No, I’m not saying that but you need to watch how you speak to me.” I nod in answer. “Now sit on the sofa.”
I hesitate for a second but when I see the warning on Demon’s face, just daring me to disobey, I decide to take a seat. Demon quickly follows, standing over me. “How are you liking your new life with the Devil’s?” I’m shocked by his question, obviously I can’t say how much I hate it so I nod my head and smile. This makes him laugh down at me. “I think it’s time to give you your name.”

“I have a name.” I point out.
“Lauren?” He asks and I shouldn’t be shocked. He is Andrew’s uncle after all. “No, I don’t like that.” He reaches for my hair and swirls it around his finger. “I love your shiny black hair, makes me want to pull it as I fuck you from behind.” I gulp at his words. “That’s what I’ll call you.”

“What?” I’m confused. “Black hair?”
Demons laughs loudly. “No! Your name is Raven.” He rakes his big hands through my hair, it feels so good and I hate the fact that I close my eyes and savour it. “See Raven, I think you could really enjoy life here. You just need to relax.” He crouches down in front of me. “If you let the club look after you and let me take care of all your needs, you will have such a happier life.”
A happier life? Is this guy for real?

I don’t think this place is capable of providing a happy life for anyone, except maybe the members. Demon opens my legs and of course I do nothing to stop him. When he sees that I am naked under the skirt that was provided by Tracy, he smiles along with a groan. “See, you’re perfect.”

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