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~Review and Blog Tour~ S.I.R By Samantha Knight

S.I.R By Samantha Knight
Title: S.I.R (Book 1 Love is for Liars)
Author: Samantha Knight
Release Date: March 13th

*Please note that this is part of a series and it is a quick read.*
Silas is the world famous erotic romance author known, as S.I.R.
He has made the New York Times best sellers list five times in his only two short years of writing.
The odd thing about Silas. He doesn't believe in love, marriage or happily ever afters.
He believes in sex and having lots of it.
Research, Right?
Starr Allison Kendall works as a high school English Teacher.
In her downtime she likes to read trashy smut novels. Her favorite author, S.I.R.
After her last lover up and left her, literally at the altar, she isn’t a big fan of fairy tale romances anymore.
So when by chance they end up talking online, they both start to have different feelings towards love.
And when she finally tells Silas how she feels.
He vanishes.
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My Review
S.I.R. (Love is for liars Book 1) by Samantha Knight is a relatable story, that is easy to read and like. The story is sweet and the reader will be able to connect with the characters easily.
Almost everyone has given internet dating a try. It works out for some and not for others.
Both the Silas and Starr have been hurt by the people who were to love them always. They allow this hurt to dominate their lives.
How can they move past it?
Can they move past?
Overall, I like this story and want to see what happens next. I would recommend this story if you are in the mood for something light and quick to read.3.5 Stars!


18+ due to sexual content & language
Silas and I had been talking for a month. He has seen me from every angle, clothed of course, but I have yet to receive one picture of him. I wanted to know what he looked like beyond his few descriptive words. For an author who made me see every story he ever wrote, he wasn’t very good at describing himself.
My fourth period class sat in front of me taking their final exams of the year. The silence in the room was deafening and nearly everyone jumped when my phone vibrated and scooted across the desk. I apologized to my students and grabbed the little noise machine. I looked at the screen and saw it was a new multimedia message. I clicked the icon and gasped out loud as I nearly fell out of my chair.
“Holy, fuck.”
The entire class looked up from their test and I realized I just said that out loud. Yet I couldn’t even take my eyes off the screen to apologize, again. Silas finally sent me a picture. I wasn’t expecting his body to look like it did. I wanted to lick my phone. I still had no clue what his face looked like but his body was panty melting. Every single part of him was perfectly defined but not overly so. The ridges and valleys of his stomach begged for my tongue.
The delectable “V” pointed me to the place, which at this exact moment was all I wanted to see. I hadn’t been with a man in nearly three years and up until now, I had no desire. Well Silas just smashed all that out the window. I wanted him and in more ways than I was willing to admit.
He was inside my mind, constantly.
Me: Your body is incredible. What the hell are you so shy about?
Silas: I’m not shy. I am secretive, very big difference Starr. And thank you, for the compliment. I work hard at everything I do.
Me: I can see that.
I start typing a second message but my nerves are quickly waning. Silas and I have talked about everything under the sun and we have both made cracks towards sex but it’s never gone past, that point. I take a deep breath and hit send.
Me: I want you Silas, I have wanted you for a while now, but that just sealed the deal. I know you have issues and I know you don’t want me to see who are you are but we have got to figure something out. No one has interested me in years, I haven’t been with anyone sexually, physically, emotionally, for years. I just haven’t felt anything towards anyone, but I am drawn to you. So, can we work this out somehow? Even just once. Hell, I’ll even wear a blind fold.
I worry my lip back and forth as I wait for him to reply, but nothing comes. I pick up my phone to send a follow up message but think better of it. I crossed a line we haven’t crossed before, I just hope I didn’t scare him away.
The bell rings for the final class of the day, as I say good bye to my students, my phone chimes. I snatch it up.
Silas: I will be in New York next month. I am meeting the film makers for the new movie. I can get my driver to meet you. He will blind fold you until you get to my room. I trust you, just not enough for you to see me. I will figure out the rest and let you know. Can you handle that? Can you trust me?
I am completely shocked that he agreed and that it is happening this soon, but part of me is petrified. He could be an axe murder for all I fucking know. I set my phone down and think of a million different scenarios for what could happen in my head, but only one still stands out. I want Silas and I want him more than I have wanted anyone in my entire life. I type one word.
Me: Deal.
Silas: Good Girl, you won’t regret it.
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