Sunday, November 22, 2015

~Blog Tour and Review~ Knowing Fey By Rachel M Storm

Rachel M Storm
Knowing Fey. (The Fey Trilogy Book 1)
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Jessica Anderson is a 23 year old who finds out that what she thought were myths, fairy tales and scary tales are actually real. Her new Fey lover Chad and her friends are determined to keep her safe from the man who wants her dead because of what she will become. Finding out that she is also going to be part of the fey world is a bit of a struggle, so she doesn't entertain the idea till she finds out that she is a bit more special than all the other born fey.

My Review-
Magic, Madness, Heaven, Sin…
Jessica learns that most of her life is a lie and she has been hunted from the time of her birth. Also, she learns those fairy tales from childhood are real and scarier then she can imagine. The new school year brings new knowledge and maybe love. Eyes the color of glaciers but with the warmth of the sun, focuses on her the first day of class and she loses herself in them.
People have died to protect her. People will die to protect her and to ensure the prophecies.
How can she come to terms with this in such a short time?
With new friends and old friends by her side to help her face her destiny, her future looks promising.
I truly enjoyed this story and the refreshing take on the fey world. Ms. Storm does a great job of bring this world to life and immersing the readers in pain and hope of the characters. I am a lover PNR and this is a great addition to this genre. I’m happy I was able take part in this journey.
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Author Bio
Rachel M Storm is a South African 24 year old Paralegal student. Reading everything that is romantic is her first love and spends all of her free time doing so. Writing has recently become her second love as she enjoys bringing her own stories to life. There is no better way for her to escape reality than to loose herself in a good novel or let her imagination run wild while lying her pants off on paper.
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