Wednesday, November 4, 2015

~New Release & Review~ PLAYING A PLAYER by Ivy Smoak

New Adult Romantic Comedy
Keira's last single friend just got married, leaving her roommate-less. When Rory shows up at her door for an interview, she's more than a little surprised to find out that a guy has answered her ad. Living with a man wasn't exactly what she had in mind. But when all the other applicants don't seem to be a good fit, she can't help but let her mind wander back to Rory. Maybe he's exactly the kind of roommate she needs. Rory doesn't do relationships. He's been burned before. He hasn't had anything more than a one night stand in a long time. And he's good at what he does. He's charming, confident, and completely off limits. Keira can't get her mind off of him. Will she be able to learn how to play a player? Or will she be the one that ends up getting played?  

Playing a Player is a great fun, light, and fast read you will enjoy beyond words. It all starts when you think your potential roommate is a girl, due to name, but find out he is one Sex God that can cook!
Keira is freelance writer looking to find a roommate that will stick around for a while (not rush off and get married). What she gets is new friendships and the best sex of her life.
Rory is a carefree and loyal to his friends. He’s looking for a good time both in and out of the sack.
I really enjoyed reading this story. I laugh so hard when the drinking game started. However, there are some serious scenes that give the story depth and carry the plot forward.
If you are looking for some light and fun than this is it!

 Are you ready to get played?

About the Author:
Ivy Smoak is an entrepreneur with very fickle tendencies. After much encouragement from her fiancé, she finally decided to dive into her true passion and began writing erotic romance novels. She lives with her fiancé in Philly. To find out about all her latest releases, join her newsletter: