Thursday, September 18, 2014

Shifted Temptations

 When Samantha (aka Sam) finds herself falling in love with not one, but two men she's been having a no-strings ménage relationship with, she decides splitting up is the right thing to do. Jordan and Alex refuse to commit, but Sam needs more stability in her life, especially when she finds out she is about to take on a whole lot more responsibility.

Jordan and Alex grew up together in a small town of jaguar shifters, where being a half-blood was looked down upon, even by their own fathers. Once they became adults, they left their community and joined a secret military operation call the Alpha Division, a team of shifters keeping the peace with any means necessary, and their next mission comes close to home. Both men feel they have too many secrets for commitment, but at the same time cannot stand the thought of losing Sam.

When Jordan and Alex's past comes back to haunt them, a possible traitor on the team threatens the woman they love and a future they have never dreamt. Once secrets are revealed, can the three of them forget the past and forgive the lies or will fear drive them further apart?

Wow! Wow! Wow! Shifted Temptations is a MUST READ! I couldn’t put this book down. I fell in love with this trio in the first few chapters! Alex and Jordan are best friends/ Panther Shifters, who are part of the Alpha Division, a secret sect of the government. Sam is a strong and fierce woman who knows how to stand her ground. Jordan is by far my favorite out of both guys! He is that SILENT ALPHA type everyone wants to heal. While Alex is SEXY and OH SO SWEET! I could just cuddle with him all day. You meet other characters as well such as Bear, Liz, and Teij. Each of them brings a great dynamic to the story and you just want to know more about each of them (hopefully they will each get their own book) . 

This story flows like silk blowing in the wind! Black creates a world that is both captivating and realistic. This story is not lacking in the Drama department either it will have you on the edge of your seats, hoping for the best. This book is the totally package! The ending is beautiful and heartwarming. This is by far one of my best reads of 2014! 

 *Warning: This book contains strong sexual content, violence and adult language. Not suitable for readers under the age of 18.

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