Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Crave By Bonnie Bliss

*This book contains controversial subject matter that may be offensive to some readers. Along with strong sexual content it contains religious subjects.*

A deal was made centuries ago.
The deal was for the first born in each generation.
The soul of that woman was owned from birth by the ultimate beast. The Devil.
Elizabeth Cromwell knew growing up that she was different. The day her parents failing business suddenly took a turn for the better in an economy where it shouldn’t have, she was told of her fate. She was owned by the Devil. From the day of her birth she had no future.
It was his.
Unwilling to give into the rough seductions of the ultimate evil—she ran. Living in a convent in the secluded town of Neive, Italy, with only the aid of faceless man over the computer—she hides.
Until the day he finds her.
Sex. Lies. Betrayal.
The fight for her Soul and future begins now.
My Thoughts
Let me start out be saying this book takes Dark Romance to a totally different level. Be warned if you are religious this is not the book for you.
 Will Elizabeth destroy his game plan? 
             Can he change how she feels for him? 

 Crave will have you rethinking how you see the Devil. Is he as bad as they say he is or, maybe just in need of that special one?  Elizabeth wants nothing to do with him and wants to run as far away as she can. However, she cannot deny the attraction she has for him and how he makes her body come a life and sing. 
Filled with HOT STEAMY SEX and a plot much different from other Dark Romances, Crave will leave you Craving for more!!
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